Photo of Newsagents in Guildford

Williams News built upon tradition.

In 1908 two brothers opened a bookstall in North Street, Guildford. Their business grew over many years to become one of the town's most established companies.

Still owned and now run by the third and forth generations of the family, Williams News has an unassailable experience of distributing the daily news.

From our central location we serve hundreds of homes and businesses in the Guildford area. Our van-based deliveries are timely and reliable. We send out regular account statements and we accept payment via a wide range of methods.

About our service

The Service.

We provide a daily delivery service of newspapers and magazines to homes and businesses. We create an account and store your details solely for the purpose of providing the service, responding to queries and informing customers about the service. We do not store payment information such as bank details or credit card data unless specifically asked to do by a customer.


Cover prices for publications are set by publishers and are liable to change from time to time and we endeavour to notify customers in advance of any changes. We levy a weekly charge for delivery and servicing your account. We may also make a small administration charge for processing accounts paid in part with publishers’ vouchers. A fully itemised printout of an account is available on request.


We prefer payment by bank transfer (BACS) but cheque or cash to our shop premises are also accepted. We are also able to take payments by credit card via our internet site. We bill customers in arrears and customers are asked to send remittance by return. Queries relating to bills are welcome by email or telephone. We do not expect customers to pay an account whilst a query is being sorted out. Accounts that become overdue without query may encounter delivery suspension.

Returns Policy.

The process of preparing, printing and distributing millions of newspapers to many thousands of outlets every night is no mean feat and not without occasional problems outside of our control. If a customer’s delivery is affected we endeavour to substitute with an alternative product and/or make no charge. We are unable to refund the cost of products that suffer minor cosmetic damage during the delivery process.


We are able to apply a temporary suspension to customers’ deliveries on receipt of full 24 hours notice by email or telephone. No publications will be charged for during a period of suspension unless a customer specifically asks us to hold publications for delivery upon restart.

Questions and Queries.

We try to be friendly and efficient. We are not perfect and endeavour to provide the best possible service within the constraints of time, cost, weather and other factors beyond our control. If you are unhappy with the service we would like to remedy it. If you would like to resolve a complex query or provide feedback – good or bad – to our team, we prefer this by email or letter to the address in our contact details.